Thursday, January 21, 2016

Terrorism and the conspiracy Theories

At this time when the world is busy to counter terrorism, there are some hidden aspects of this war on terrorism. We can see it in the attitude of major forces which are fighting this war on terror. There are european countries which are fighting this war.
However here are some of the facts which cannot be ignored while taking into account war on terrorism.

1. Attitude of United Nations

United Nations was established after two world wars which made much destruction in the world. It started working in order to bring peace in the world. But those who were behind this development proved their unfair attitude. Britain , United Sates and Russia were those states which were the early members of united nations and laid foundation of it. However soon after the world war two , a war of monopoly started between united states and Russia. It gave way to many theories. However after the collapse of russian federation united nation has turned significantly towards USA. It can be seen that when israeal has made atomic bomb he is not criticised. On the other hand when any muslim country tries to make and atomic bomb , they start critising it. It is a dual face. We can take the example of iran.

USA has already tested its bomb on a country then why it is allowed to have atomic bomb again?
What is the guarantee that other countries of Europe will not use it against any other nation?
Why is there an injustice behind decisions of united nations?
United Nation's attitude toward Israel is also questionable?Why Israel not condemned despite all of its state oppression. 

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