Monday, November 4, 2013


It is cold tonight as it is start of winter season. I am sitting inside the house considering to do something which can take me out of this situation which i don't like. I have somethings to do which are not going by itself.

There are a lot of things which attract a person. He who wants to have such desires in his heart can also face some difficulties for achieving his dreams like goals.When we see a dream we can make it our goal .But the question is that whether it can be unintentional. Can we take a seed of a dream and get a tree or plant from it which can be the output of our seed.

A lot of things in life which a person wishes to or want to can be the result of his conscious or unconscious mind.

Suppose a person who is sleeping and suddenly he sees a dream.Can he make it as his big dream to achieve something for which he has dream. It is a situation when he has to think a a lot of things about. But somethings can be like asking himself to be able for this situation. He may check and be exposed to his self esteem.

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