Monday, February 1, 2016

Why pakistan should not follow west in the fields of life

We are seeing a lot of different changes Pakistan is going through after the start of war on terror. This war has changed status-quo. At one front it has a milliliter aspect while on the other hand it has something like a change in the thoughts of Pakistani people. It has enforced a need to do something in order to move forward.

Entertainment Industry:

It is an major industry of Pakistan. It is related to provide people of Pakistan a way to enjoy after they come home of a busy day. It provides a way to promote culture and also provide somethings like a thing.

Promotion of values and culture which is very common in Pakistan is a good way to kick-start entertainment industry. There are some aspects which can be done in a good way to promote this. This needs to come on the spot . It can provide other ways to enjoy people and a love for culture can also be cultivated. It has an important effect on the lives of people.


Sports are a good way to be health and strong. It is a way to enjoy. Sports are very good for health. However it is good to take full advantage of sports. Wrestling is an old sport in the region of Pakistan. It needs the attention of government. It can be a good way to spend energy.

What can be done in Pakistan? Pakistan can do a lot by promoting and motivating people to participate in sports which belong to this land or those who are good for the survival of society. It can be clearly seen that technological advancements have introduced other ways enjoy free time and leisure. It is better to find a mid way around these both the ways. Health should be a top priority for government.

Educational System:

Educational system of a country plays a vital role in the socialization of the members of the society. It can have long ranging effects. It can have be a good for the society. When we look at the status of education in Pakistan we can take a lot of things into consideration . We need to determine what education is with a special reference to the cultural , and religious background of Pakistan. Some people are not in favor of modern education while a few are not in favor of religious education. This situation has challenges for education sector in Pakistan. Pakistan need to focus on its education infrastructure. It is looking that government is willing to promote those subjects more which are good for those people out of this country(western countries). 

We need to build a bridge between the science education and religion education. People should consider the importance of modern sciences but they should not ignore those subjects which teach us values and culture of our society. From the very start it is important to do something which is necessary for all the people. People should acknowledge the importance of modern education because without modern education we can be held back. People should be taught about the way Islam stresses on education.  

There are different levels in education. Primary education is very important . It starts from the very early followed by higher education. Some education websites can also help to promote education among society.  

Defense System:

 Defense system of Pakistan is very important for the national solidarity. It has a lot of importance for the people of Pakistan. It is better to be self fulfilled for defense capabilities. But there are some challenges which needs to be well understood. 

Defense capability is very important to develop. Country should not just consider India, it should consider other major armies of the world. It is important to note how other armies in the world are advancing their capabilities.In this way defense capabilities can do a good for the people of Pakistan.

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