Wednesday, June 29, 2016

What is Brexit? | All You Need To Know

Brexit is a common topic of discussion nowadays. It has grabbed attention from all over the world. Many people are being affected by Brexit and many are in confusion about its true meaning. There are others who want to know about its consequences. Lets try to find answer of the question "What is Brexit?"What are consequences of brexit?

What is European Union?

European Union is an economic and political partnership involving 28 countries. It was established after world war two to foster economic cooperation. The idea was that countries which trade together are unlikely to go to war with each other. It has an estimated population of 508 million.

What does Brexit mean?

Brexit is used in short for “Britain Exit”.  It is referred to the referendum in which Britain people voted in favor of leaving Europe on June 23.

What happens to UK citizens working in the EU?

Britain exit has left many questions about the future of that region. There are questions related to the Britain relationships with its neighboring countries and their countries.
It is the kind of deal which will decide about UK citizens. If they go too far EU citizens would have to apply for visa to work.

Brexit explained in this two minutes video

Brexit Consequences

There BREXIT sent world markets into shock. After the referendum Pound fell to its lowest level after 1985.
There is still some confusion about what will happen to UK economy, because it will make some new agreements with some countries.
Pro EU people had claimed that it will be a disaster for Britain economy to leave EU. But Pro Exit were hopeful about the future of Britain.
Voices for Scotland referendum are rising.  

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