Thursday, June 30, 2016

"War on Terrorism" or " Divide and Rule"

A common person who thinks about the situation of Syria, Iraq, Pakistan, Turkey and Yemen he describes it in a sentence " It is a game of America."More specifically we can say it as a 'game of divide and rule' in the name of 'war on terrorism.'No matter how hard it sounds or how strange it feels but there are reason to believe this sentence. It has developed over the past some years taking into account American policies towards Muslim world and other countries. Lets take a look at some factors which support this claim.

Eye Opening Facts about War on Terror:

Soon after nine eleven USA started its campaigns of Afghanistan and Iraq. Afghanistan was under the control of Taliban which lost the government after some day. They decided to start a guerrilla warfare. In Iraq situation was different as there was Saddam Hussein. His government also fell soon after.

There were some forces which replaced the already established system of government. In Afghanistan Hamid Karzai made his government. While in Iraq  a new government was formed. Both of these governments were established by Muslims backed by United States and its allies. It is to be noted that governments replaced and established were Muslims. In Afghanistan Taliban became a major opposition while in Iraq Al-Qaeda Became a major opposition.

War on Terrorism Failure

Both of these incidents arose serious questions in the minds of common people. They were confused who were the real muslims? They were living under a government which was backed by USA but was Muslim. However this situation was eased when many incidents took place. Suicide bombing and other attacks started harassing people. It made people think about who was the real enemy. They started thinking about their own safety.

The Long War on Terror

Arrival of ISIS was another major breakthrough. It was an organization which had arisen to establish an Islamic state in the areas on Iraq and Syria. Its rise was sudden and shocked the world. It started targeting common people. However it made easy for people to reach at a decision"who are the real Muslims?"Muslim soon started taking them as terrorists and the already fighting mujaheddin also got negative fame. It was a situation which was strange for many peoples and still is.

Terrorism and Conspiracy Theories

There are some questions which need to be answered in order to take situation in full account. What triggered the rise of ISIS when there were many other organization working for the cause of jihad? What did they started a full fledged war? Why did they not attack Israel? Who provide ISIS war equipment? If Al-Qaeda is said to have links with USA then what was the need for ISIS? Why did america supported SEisi in Egypt despite its democratic claims? These are some of the questions which come into mind when we look at all the salutation from a rational perspective.

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