Saturday, November 2, 2013

A person with a red bag

A person with a red bag...........

How can it be possible ?

Are you amazed at this?

What are the reasons?

You can be amazed because red colour and bag belong to women. It is used by a woman so you are not ready to easily swallow this situation.

I have to explain here. A person who was going in a far away land where there was greenish all around. He was just like a adventurer who was going on its first adventure. If you see him you can say that he is a person who has not allowed world to enter in it so much.

He advances further in his journey and reaches in a sand area after crossing greenish land. There he finds a woman who is going in his opposite direction.It can be said that if he is going in east then she is going to north. He was strange that from where this woman has come?

A perosn can easily be identified in this situation as a stranger. He leans forward and runs to that woman. He runs and runs but he cannot reach to woman. But he advances further. At last he reaches in a village which was surrounded by dat trees.

He finds that there were many people which were going here and there as their daily routines. He wants to find that woman but he finds that all the women have weared same clothes. It becomes difficult for him to recognize that woman. So he find in every house and check for the woman. Suddenly he listens the sounds of someone who is running.

He enters in the nearest house from where he listened such sounds. He finds some things in the house including a red bag. He opens the bag cuiously and find something.

It was a perfume bottle which was there. The fragrance had spread in the entire room. The smell was also affecting his senses. He was going out of his sense.After alll he laid on the ground and slept.

When he awoke he did not know what had happened to him?

He was again in the sand. It was all around him. He screamed in such a loneliness but his voice returned to him. He started shouting loudly. At last he found that he was alone there.

Suddenly he saw red bag which was lying aside him. He hold it up and started seeing it amazingly. He was going to open it again. He opened it but now there was nothing.It was empty.He didn't smell anything.

He started his journey again and found a way to go. He was going desperately by taking small steps. But he was not alone now becuase the red bag was with him.

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