Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Starting a blog

Today I am going to write a post on blog. It is my first post. After seeking inspiration from different people and from different sources I want to write my own blog.

The world of blogging has gain importance now a days. It is a way to explore yourself toward world. It has also power to handle it very good manner. And on the other hand, It can also earn you money. You can also find a friend in form of a blog on which it is useful to share your thoughts.

Finding a friend in the real life and in the digital life are two different things. You cannot include your emotions when you talk to your digitalized friend. It can show you ways as it has relationship with the world of web.But on the other hand it can not understand itself truly and as a result it does not include emotions.

Emotions are beautiful and they are good.You have to just find yourself in the light of emotions.They are doing things right for you. They are going towards you while coming from such a source.

What happens when you remember your past?Dose it hearts you?Does it pleases you?Does it feel you ashamed?Does it has nothing for you in common?


It can show you how to truly use your emotions and start feeling in a different way. You past can teach you about this. It can hurt you in this way that you cannot handle situation in the present context. But it is you who is going to be anything as a result. It is you who is trying to be just as yourself.

Emotions can be learned by this method. By truly examining our previous life and consdering the events which have felt good .It can feel a difference .There are other good things about this which can also go in this regard. You are not going to do the things but you are like to playing with them.

It is a first blog post by me so it should be taken as it is not but its context....................

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